How to lose weight fast (For Men)

How to lose weight fast (For Men)

How to lose weight fast (For Men)

Everyone of us wants to live amidst  peace and happiness, whether in work or in rest, with a suitable physical structure possessing 4 ‘S’. These are:





Those who are suffering from overweight for many reasons, inherited or created, can easily shed the excess body  fat through burning calories by  adhering to certain habits and workouts. This will  greatly  improve  the physical fitness and metabolism (metabolism is  a bio-chemical process in our body that allows  us to grow, reproduce  as well as  repair the damage to lead  a nice environment friendly life) to lose weight fast.


1. Prevention is better than cure (to lose weight fast )

It is wise to develop  and  build up  the  good habits much early in the childhood stage( such as rising early in the morning, take physical exercise  in the fresh open air before bath, take healthy foods  as well as  fresh seasonal  fruits and pure drinking water preferably at home,  regularly participate in the games and sports in the  school playground for an hour in the evening  after school break). However, time spent in regular physical workouts as well as games and sports should not exceed one hour, otherwise it will  greatly hamper one’s utmost concentration and devotion to studies  to do good result in the periodical as well as the final examinations. The good habits inculcated in the early  childhood stage will act as a valuable health asset throughout the rest of the life and  one can remain free of anxiety  concerning  possible health problems like obesity, overweight  and other related problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease etc  which usually arrive mightily as soon as  one becomes weak, inactive and sluggish much before reaching the old age.


2. Speed up your calorie burn (to lose weight fast )

The following physical workouts are to be meticulously followed that will help shed excess body fat:

2.1 Burpee

it implies the athlete jump over an obstacle, as high as possible, between the burpees. The original usage is Burpee test in which  a series of burpees are executed in rapid successions designed to measure agility and cooperation. The exercise is named after’ Burpee’ (1898-1987)who was a Physical Education Advocate and worked in greater New York.


2.2 Squats

how to lose weight fast by Squats
it is composed of full body exercise that primarily focuses on developing muscles of thighs, hips, buttocks, quadriceps, femoral muscles, hamstrings as well as strengthening the bones, ligaments and insertion of the tendons throughout the lower part of the body.


2.3 Bench Press

Bench Press
it is an exercise that activates a large number of muscle groups in the upper half of the body. The groups include deltoid muscle in the shoulder , forearm muscles, hand muscles and abdominals. Therefore, it is advised to add the ‘Bench Press’ to the workouts to build the strength and look attractive.


2.4 Lunges

Lungesit refers to the position of human body where one leg is  positioned forward with knee bent and the foot touching the ground, while the other leg is positioned behind. Lunges are worthy mainstay of physical fitness regimes for people of all skill levels irrespective of  the professionals  or amateurs. This tried and true exercise is simple to master and work well for warming up the lower part of the body.

It is advised to perform speedily the above mentioned workouts so as to get the heart rate to its maximum level and burn the optimal level of calories. And  the workouts should be performed following the approach  ‘3 sets out of 10’. This approach was formulated by Dr De Lovme and Dr Wat Kins in 1948. Prior to that there was no sound approach to physical training.


2.5 Sprint

It is a short distance but  running at maximum possible speed. It is  an ideal method to shed fat quickly. The speedy movement will also add strength to the legs and the abs and in addition the workout will  help increase endurance and lung capacity. Before starting this exercise one has to choose a track—a straight path of 100 yards. Then one needs to warm up with either a jog or a walk for a while. After warming up it requires to stretch thoroughly for 10 minutes and  then start the workout  along the 100 yard  path to complete sprint  repeatedly following the steps. For the beginners  it is advised  to initially run  at half of the maximum possible speed to avoid the risk of possible injury. Gradually the speed can be increased in subsequent sprints. After completing  each sprint  one is advised  to slowly walk back to the starting line before repeating the next turn and continue till one gets fatigued. It is further advised to  perform 6 to 10 sprints in a session   and repeat the workout 2 to 3 times a week. And  it is important  to wear an athletic supporter or at least a tight fitting underwear during the  sprints. Because for lack of proper support , while in sprints quick motion can lead to a pulled groin or testicular injury.


2.6 Strength workout

Strength workoutStrength training is very important to build muscle  which burns calories  more effectively and efficiently. Instances of some good muscle building workouts are : dead lifts, pull ups and squats. These exercises build major muscle groups like the back, legs, and biceps.


2.7 Workout variation

Workout variationOnce used to a particular workout for quite a long time, in that case one may not have a noticeable response anymore. Such resistance cycle is known as ‘plateau’. Under such situation it is advised to shift to other workouts that train the same muscle groups. It is therefore, suggested to incorporate the changes every few weeks to prevent a plateau.


2.8 Caution against the risk of injury

Caution against the risk of injuryIf one is obese and just entered into learning, it is advised ‘not to do too much too soon‘. The beginner should be well aware of his current age, level of strength and experience. So jumping right into an intense exercise can lead  to an injury which could  make the beginner’s  effort totally  frail and  failed.


3. Keep dietary control (to lose weight fast)

Drink sufficient  pure water

When the body gets dehydrated, metabolism slows down leading to inertness in calorie burn process. The implication is that the interruption to the calorie burning process will make it harder to lose the desired amount of weight which can be overcome by drinking sufficient pure water.


Eat plenty of protein

Protein should be an important part of diet. It helps to build muscles and gain metabolism which burns a lot of calories while digesting it. Good sources of protein are chicken, salmon fish, egg, low fat milk, nut and beans. Avoid red meat and canned food.


Eat  good fat conducive to weight loss

Avoid junk food containing high calories and saturated fat such as fried chicken, cold drinks which are harmful causing obesity and overweight. Reportedly, in 2010 alone, obesity and overweight were estimated to have caused 3.4 million deaths globally, mostly from cardio vascular effect. On the other hand good fats like mono and polyunsaturated fats, olive oil, nuts and oily fish like salmon and sardines lower cholesterol and decrease the risk of heart disease. It needs to be asserted that around 30% of body’s overall calories comes from fat. Any excess, however, will lead to overweight.


Include iron in your diet

To avoid iron deficiency, which causes slow metabolism, one needs to consume plenty of this nutrient keeping in the regular diet menu. Sources of iron are shellfish, lentils beans and spinach.


Eat complex carbohydrates

Complex carbohydrates take longer time for the body to digest than simple carbs. As a result, body’s metabolic rate will remain high. Good sources of complex carbs are:  whole grain products, starchy vegetables, green leafy vegetables and beans.


Add spices to your meals

Eating spicy food regularly can have a sustained effect on metabolism. Chili peppers/powder can be a good source of spices.


Eat lean meats

It is advised to consume lean meat  like poultry and avoid  red meat like beef or pork which contain high fat and cholesterol. Lean meat is good for waistline and overall health.


Record  your calorie intake

It is wise to keep track of total calories consumed everyday in order to avoid overeating. This will help one to assess ‘ what he is ‘ as compared to ‘what he should  be’.


Avoid crash dieting

Crash dieting cannot be a solution against overweight. It will do more harm than good as it slows down metabolism and in addition weakens  the muscles.


4. Follow the befitting life style ( to lose weight fast)

Remain free from anxiety (Money or wealth cannot cure anxiety and bring happiness. According to the report of the ‘WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION’  on average one person commits suicide every 40 seconds somewhere in the world. Reasons behind the suicides are: mental depressions mainly  arising from business collapse, maladjustment with the family members and business partners and unexpected failure to attain the cherished goal. Therefore, always try to remain  happy with what you have and try for more). Research studies reveal that regular physical workouts, living in a healthy environment and avoiding intoxicating food and drinks help one to lead a happy and carefree life.

Avoid eating frequently outside (The amount one consumes outside home, such as in restaurants  or in social invitations, is usually larger. This encourages to eat crossing the normal limit. The food is also high in sodium, an ingredient that can cause one to gain weight in stead of having weight loss).

Always stay active throughout the day (Staying idle will slow one’s metabolism and would impede burning calories efficiently. As such one needs to use stairs in stead of elevators, get up and walk around  for a while during watching TV, have  a walk to go to the places of short distance in stead of a rickshaw or car ride, stand on the bus or train instead of sitting )

Get plenty of sleep (lack of sleep will slow down one’s metabolism and stimulate the appetite. The implication  is that, in stead of sleeping if one remains awaked,  will need eating more thus making it extremely difficult to lose weight )

Limit, better avoid smoking and alcoholic drinks (These recommendations are widely supported by the physicians as well as the physical exercises trainers to lead a long , healthy and active life. Moreover, alcohol is  strictly forbidden by almost  all the major religions of the world.  Moreover, smoking and alcohol have no social recognition.)

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