How to get pregnant fast and easy

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How to get pregnant fast and easy

How to get pregnant fast and easy

1. Psychic factors behind early pregnancy

Every couple can enjoy sex soaked by love. Also romance and driven by strong inborn impulse irrespective of having fertility or not. But sufficient evidences are there pertaining to lacking in fertility in case of some of the couples (either husband or wife or both) when making a baby becomes totally impossible. Even after having sex regularly and taking nutritious foods and drinks in addition to suitable physical workouts. So, getting pregnant soon without any risk in order to make a baby as early as possible becomes a matter of top priority to every couple, more importantly to female partner. In this connection it needs to be mentioned that. For example, an infertile man may have all the characteristics of a fertile man. such as getting intercourse, having sexual pleasure, discharging semen etc. But veritably, infertility can be ascertained only after medical check-up.

2. Conditions needed for to get pregnant fast

The best way to increase the chance of quick pregnancy is to make sure that the woman desiring pregnancy is having sex in the right time of menstrual cycle following a regular pattern. The menstrual cycle is the monthly regular natural hormonal change that occurs in the female reproductive system to make pregnancy possible. For this purpose the PW (pregnant woman) must ovulate around 2 weeks before the period. Ovulation is the release of eggs from the ovaries in women. After ovulation during the luteal phases the eggs will be available to be fertilized by the sperms. (Luteal phase is one stage of menstrual cycle that starts after ovulation when the ovaries release the eggs. During the phase the lining of uterus gets thicker to prepare for a possible pregnancy).

Ovulation is the name of the process that happens usually once in every menstrual cycle, when hormone changes trigger an ovary to release eggs. A woman can become pregnant if a sperm fertilizes an egg. Ovulation usually happens 12—16 days before next period starts. The eggs are contained in the ovaries. Apart from fertility, age is another factor determining pregnancy. As women age, fertility declines. In general the most fertile age of women is around 20s (lying between 18—22 years). After 30s fertility declines at a rapid rate and beyond 40 it hits the bottom at nil or negligible.

3. Three major steps to ease and speed up pregnancy:

When a couple desires to have a baby soon, the first important issue that arises is that both of them should possess fertility and mental preparedness to enjoy sex meticulously following certain rules. It happens in some cases that the wife gets pregnant in the first month, but in many other cases it takes much longer time. It does not really mean that there is anything wrong.

As a matter of fact it is not as certain a matter as we think in case of someone to get pregnant. For a young couple at the peak of their fertility, having well timed sex during the fertile window the chances of conceiving are about 25%. It therefore, follows that one does not have full control over “how long it will take to get pregnant“. There are, however, few things over which the couples do have control which can help increase the likelihood of getting pregnant quickly.

3.1) Getting the right timing:

One should  know that there are 6 days in a month when it is possible for having sex to result in pregnancy. The 5 days leading up to ovulation plus the day of ovulation itself. For the noble purpose of having a baby at ease and as soon as possible the couple can therefore, enjoy sex every day or every other day as they desire during the fertile window when chances are high to get pregnant. Having sex 1 or 2 days before ovulation offers higher chance of conception which will be clear from the following chart

How to get pregnant fast

3.2)  knowing the time of ovulation:

One must track the record about when she started to ovulate. And also ascertain the time period of having sex before ovulation. Studies reveal the fact that majority among the women are found to wrongly estimate the fertility window (which is not at all based on clinical guidelines). Some women are found to start fertility window earlier, and others start later. What is most interesting is that in case of the same woman fertility window may vary from month to month. In fact there are many more accurate ways of finding one’s fertility window.

3.3) Giving up birth control methods ahead of time:

It is possible to get pregnant as soon as one stops birth control devices. There is no medical reason that one needs to take a break before trying to conceive. But if anyone uses hormonal method of birth control, for example a pill, then she does not need to wait for a menstrual cycle (hormonal method of birth control acts on the endocrine system. Almost all methods are composed of steroid hormones). It is more important to learn tracking the menstrual cycle in order to increase the likelihood of conceiving quickly. Another reason to stop contraceptive as early as possible is that it may take some time for the cycle to return to normal state after stopping hormonal birth control. After that one is more likely to have an ovulatory cycle.

4. Nine additional needs for making pregnancy fast and easy:

For quick and easy pregnancy additionally one needs to follow certain rules which are stated in brief
4.1) Have regular, but not regimented sex in an animal fashion:

It is known on all hands that having sex is a pre-requisite for getting pregnant. Of course it is important to know when the female partner is ovulating
4.2)  Revive the romance:

Psychic factors play a dominant role in influencing the happy conjugal life which is indispensable for making a baby. It is advised to always have romance with the life partner. Some couples think that sex is only for making baby. But veritably, sex includes both physical and mental pleasure, love, attraction, emotion  embracing all good feelings and kicking off all the bad.
4.3)  Take a break together:

A holiday or even a long week end getaway is needed to relieve the stress and strain so as to enjoy some relaxing time together. There are some travel companies who are specialized in arranging environments for the couples pertaining to recreation and relaxation
4.4) Keep cool and calm:

Sitting steadily for a long period, using laptops and working in hot environment—can all affect sperm production on the part of male partner. It is further added that tight underwear adversely affects fertility issues. If someone desires to become father, he should think over seemingly trifling issues. Such as putting laptop on the table and putting on loose pants and underpants when the wearer will feel the great difference.
4.5) Cut down on booze, better avoid:

Alcohol can harm the unborn baby and the pregnant mother. Alcohol can also reduce the fertility in case of the male partner. So in the interest of the baby to be born safe and soon. It is an advice and a caution that need to be given to both the husband and the wife to bid “good bye“ to alcohol.
4.6) Feel relaxed:

Trying to conceive can sometimes invite tension. So it is advised to get always relaxed and have comfort through a fun with the partner. Deliver some soothing message to each other and participate in any hobby common to both of them.
4.7) Eat healthy foods:

Food and fertility are linked. It is therefore, advised  to take right food of right amount at the right time .
 4.8) Take exercise together:

Getting fit is a great way to boost fertility so as to get pregnant fast and easy. It is wise for every couple to start physical exercise together to boost interest and ensure regularity. There are many who have no time to spare on physical exercise (in order  to attain a disease free healthy life) as they are overburdened with domestic and job responsibilities. To get used to physical movement they can at least get down from the bus one stop earlier or use the stairs to climb up and down (in stead of using the lift or escalator)
4.9)  Quit smoking:

Smoking is branded as the main culprit  to cause harm to each and every organ of human body including fertility  in men and women. Smoking by the pregnant mother invites health risk for her and also for the unborn baby.

5. Seven common mistakes made by the couples about to get pregnant fast:

5.1)  Waiting for a positive ovulation test to have sex. The purpose of OPK (ovulation predictor kits) is to warn the woman desiring pregnancy that she is going to ovulate soon. In fact the OPK does not tell how long it will be before ovulation occurs. OPK looks for levels of LH (luteinizing hormone) which usually surges about24 hours before ovulation. The LH surge can last only for a few hours, or several days. But typically occurs about 24 hours after the surge begins. When one gets a positive OPK, it does not tell her about when the LH surge began.

The upshot of all these is that one will have to wait for a positive LH to have sex and one might have already missed some of her best days to conceive. Therefore, the best way to get pregnant fast and easy is to use a method that identifies the beginning of her fertile window.

5.2)  Using the wrong kind of lube:

There are a number of studies that vaginal lubricants can damage the sperm or slow them down during their journey toward the egg. This is true in case of most of the lubricants and sperms in general are very much sensitive to acidity. The acidity of many lubricants can even kill sperm. To make sex as comfortable as possible, foreplay can help to increase the woman’s arousal fluid (which is totally different from cervical mucus). If anyone at all decides to lube during sex, then she should choose one that is specifically labeled as “fertility friendly” .

5.3)  Using the lube when one does not need it:

If anyone can have sex easily without lube, then it is all the better. But there are common belief among many that fertility friendly lubricants can make up for insufficient cervical mucus, in fact there is no such evidence.

5.4)  Putting soft cups in after sex:

There is a superstitious idea that the soft cups (soft flexible cups designed to be used during the period) keep the sperm to stay away from falling out after sex. As a matter of fact there is no scientific evidence that inserting soft cups has an impact on the chances of getting pregnant. Immediately after ejaculation, sperms start travelling through the cervix. The stuff that gets left behind, never had chance of making its way to the eggs.

5.5)  Trying for a baby the day after one ovulates:

The fertile window begins 5 days before ovulation and ends on the day one ovulates. The reason for this has to do with respective lifetimes of sperm and egg. The sperm can survive up to 5 days when fertile quality cervical mucus remains present. The egg survives only for 12 hours after it is  released. A day after ovulation the egg is no longer viable. Still there remains some degree of uncertainty around exactly when the female partner ovulated. That is why it is so important to learn and recognize the signs and symptoms of ovulation.

5.6)  Taking pregnancy test too early:

One does not necessarily get pregnant until the fertilized egg implants in the uterine wall. And in 85% of time , implantation occurs between 8—10 days after past ovulation. However, if one experiences early signs of pregnancy, and it has not been 8—10 days past ovulation. Then symptoms are likely to be caused by progesterone (which is elevated after ovulation irrespective  of whether one gets pregnant or not). So, to have a trustworthy and  accurate result. It is advised to take a pregnancy test to wait until 12 days after ovulation

5.7)  Sticking to particular position:

There is no evidence based on medical science that certain positions are better than others for making a baby fast and easy.

6. Tips for pregnancy:

  • To prove strong fertility

  • To become proud mother

  • Get pregnant soon



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