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About Saundra Maass Robinson, MD., PC

I am a board certified psychiatrist with over 25 years in practice. The manner in which I practice psychiatry is currently not the 'standard' for my specialty. Less than 11% of American psychiatrists provide comprehensive psychiatric management. I define comprehensive management as the initial assessment, medication management where indicated, individual psychotherapy and alternative medicine techniques where applicable. I am one of this 11%. I never spend less than 30 minutes in follow up sessions with patients, 50 minutes in therapy sessions or less than one hour with the patient during the initial evaluation.
My clinical specialty is Bipolar Disorder. I have years of experience in treating mood disorders including Major Depression, Anxiety Disorders, ADD/ADHD and Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, the difficult condition of Trichotillomania (uncontrollable pulling of hair, picking of skin) as well as therapy for grief and bereavement. Our practice specializes in Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry
I take the time to educate my patients as to what is a psychiatric illness, what are the options for treatment, the risks and benefits from medication and the need for continuing therapy in order to enhance long term stability.



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