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1) An overview Pregnancy is a stage that arrives in almost every woman’s life with mixed feelings of pride, joy, expectation, emotion and also anxiety. A recent study suggests that almost 20% of women suffer from mood or anxiety disorders during pregnancy. A typical pregnancy lasts 40 weeks from the 1st day of...

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1. What is the urine pregnancy test: Usually, Urine pregnancy test accuracy are performed at home (instead of in the clinic). The home uses kits to measure HCG in the urine. ( i.e. Human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone produced in women during pregnancy. The ho...

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1. Overview (Blood test for pregnancy how long for results): Most of the common question, a Blood test for pregnancy how long for results?. 'Getting quick as well as quality service at least cost in terms of time and money' is an inborn human instinct. There are many factors which influence & determine the blood test for . In terms of getting an accurate...

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1) What is precum? A common but surely important question about the chances of getting pregnant with precum is always remaining in our mind during the sexual action. Pre-cum is the reason of pregnancy or not. The short answer of the question in a word is-Yes, sometimes. But do we know what is pre-cum?. Precum is a transparent, clear, colourless, viscous fluid coming of the penis at the m...

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1) What headache means, according to medical science: (Headaches in pregnancy 2nd trimester) Headache implies a feeling of pain or discomfort lying partly or wholly in the head. Primary headaches are discomforts caused directly by overactivity or on account of problems with the structures in the head that are pain-sensitive. This includes the blood vessels, muscles, and nerves of the hea...

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1. Psychic factors behind early pregnancy Every couple can enjoy sex soaked by love. Also romance and driven by strong inborn impulse irrespective of having fertility or not. But sufficient evidences are there pertaining to lacking in fertility in case of some of the couples (either husband or wife or both) when making a baby becomes totally impossible. Even after having sex regularly an...

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